• high teaching standards,
  • qualified and friendly teachers,
  • a modern multimedia room,
  • a computer room with access to the Internet,
  • a modern gym,
  • numerous school clubs,
  • additional Polish and Maths classes,
  • participation in Socrates Comenius programme,
  • integration trips to Wisła and Zakopane,
  • plein-air workshops, ski camps,
  • discos and school events,
  • delicious dinners,
  • a small school shop.


Currently the Headteacher of our school is
Mrs Jolanta Pludrak 



The oldest part of our school is 148 years old. The old building was founded in 1862 at Szosowa Street (today 11 Królowej Jadwigi Street). The investment was financed by the French-Russian Society. Initially, the building was the seat of elementary school. In 1903, Antoni Kocot an eminent educational and pro-independence activist, became the headmaster of school. Since then, school was called 'Kocot's school'. During the interwar period the school was the seat of:

  • Three - year Secondary Business School
  • Men's College
  • Music School

After the Second World War, in the building at Królowej Jadwigi Street, Secondary School and Girl's School were located, then in 1955 Primary School No 7 was situated. In 1980's the oldest part of building was in need of renovation. School was thoroughly renovated. Then, in 1999 it was transformed into Gimnazjum No 1. Finally, the new gym with locker rooms was built. In 2006 the school kitchen was completely modernized.